Popularity of steel bending grows day by day, so does the level of athletes’ qualification. Acheivements which were considered as “world class “ 10 years ago, now can be accomplished by non-sedentary people in about 3-4 months of specialized training. The tougher and tougher steel falls.
Iron Grip Certs Project is proud to introduce unique and intransigent rating system, which allows to indicate and rank strongest atheletes and meet the preferences any steel bender. You can try yourself in 4 rating lists:
Freestyle - any style, any wraps allowed. The main goal – to kill the biggest steel!
Pads touching freestyle - the place where true sense of steel bending is realized. Minimal wraps, touching in the middle, no additional leverage. Only you and your wrist strength. Submissions for this rating are accepted only on 7” bars.
Barehand freestyle - top notch, absolute domination. The purest test of mental strength and mastery of handling with the bar. The art of defeating the steel without piercing yourself.
Unbraced triathlon - a test of versatility of a steel bender. To get in top places in this list you will have to bend not single, but three bars with three different styles.